The Shroom Room will be disassembled on Saturday May 5th

If you have not had the chance to stop by and check it out, do so quick!

Also, if anyone is interested in putting a bid on any of the work, please contact me at

I would like to thank everyone again for all of their amazing support!

I finally picked up the sign-in booklet from the exhibit…

And I want to thank everyone who took the time to write in it. Your words are of more encouragement and filled with more happiness than I can even express. I really got choked up by all of your kind words. 

So many thanks again to all who attended and helped out with the whole experience!

My final presentation is this Friday to the entire COMM Department.. wish me luck.

Today was AMAZING.

Thank you to everyone who came out and check out the Shroom Room, the experience was absolutely incredible!

Photos of the exhibit will be up in the near future. 


These online photos do NO justice.

If you want to be astonished by some real macro photography, go check out the shroom room in person, if you can. 

Some things you just can’t replicate on the internet. 

Last Preview… The Shroom Room Opens TOMORROW!!!!! :)

Last Preview… The Shroom Room Opens TOMORROW!!!!! :)

Two more days!!!

Two more days!!!

What a long day!

Part One of installation complete! Thanks to Jen and Shelsea for all of their help :)

Part Two goes up tomorrow and the opening on Friday!!!

Three Days until the debut :)

Three Days until the debut :)